Do you hate Foreigners Stealing our Jobs I been displaced

Do you hate Foreigners Stealing our Jobs I been displaced more than once because of it. The last time, I had to train 4 of them to do my job, and then after a month it was determined that those 4 would not be able to do what I had been doing for 3 years. So, they hired 2 more and told me I was responsible to train them, too. So, in my last 2 months of work, I ended up training 6 people who were flown in on HB1 visas to replace myself. It made no sense, it was degrading, and they took my job. It took me over a year to find another job after that. it’s an economic fact that jobs have not been taken by foreigners, rather been created! the foreigners do the jobs we don’t want to do, like packing potatoes, cleaning, care work, and various other menial jobs, which they are most likely overqualified for, but sadly can’t find work suitable for them. this then creates lots of managerial positions for white british, working and middle class people. the only reason you didn’t have work was either because you were too lazy or too picky to find a job or take one; or your simply underqualified! in which case it seems fair that you were fired! just be glad you were fired and not living in a country which recently, and probably currently still does, suffer genocide! I hate no one. As far as our jobs being outsourced and taken by those who are not American or “illegal aliens” I don’t think anyone wants that. Unfortunately this situation has not only remained, but it has progressively grown worse. Those who are not legal that are taking our jobs, this is indeed a tragedy and it is of course illegal. But the problem is, this issue is not being enforced by our federal government. It might be illegal, but so far not enough accountability has been invoked amongst business owners and hiring personnel to do the whistle blowing and alert law enforcement of the issue I think once the government starts enforcing its own laws we might actually see a return of American jobs. But until then, you will see more illegals being hired. the fact is that immigration to this country creates jobs for us, rather than taking them away. who wants to work in a factory doing the shitty stuff.? no one relly! it’s the immigrants who take those positions. and by having a greater influx of people to low grade jobs, this increases the number of people needed to manage them. therefore: the larger the amount of foreign people coming into this country the more jobs that will be available for british citizens in higher paygrade positions! now can you argue with being given more jobs with higher pay? obviously not. and lets also look at the history of british emigration. australia, america, a large portion of africa, india! all countries to which english peopl emigrate. all countries that england had no right to invade and assume leadership of, and all these countries ask for is refuge from the corrupt systems that our rapid retreat from their territory has left them with. we left their countries with a buggered infrastructure and complain when it comes to fuck u over! england is far too corrupt and lazy a country to complain about people coming over here and DOING! our jobs! and too many english people sit hat home on the dole and pop babies out like rabits, when they could be working. and before you ask, yes i am British! I have also enountered this problem. I agreed to work night shift to train 4 foreingers, and one to take my position. I found it very hard to accomplish this because of their poor language, and insecurities. They also refused to speak English causing many procedural problems. I had no idea what they we asking or showing each other, which is a safety concern as we dealt with potentially dangerous equipment. As I realized that they would not be capable of meeting expectations,I informed my manager many times and was being blamed for racism. There was no fixing the problem if I didnt know what they were saying. I have applied at the same company, three different locations and was refused. I have mangerial experience, but returned to the location to see that they had hired a foreigner that could barely count money or speak English. Yes. with a freaking passion. I have no problem with legal immigrants. The USA was built with them. It’s the 20+ MILLION ILLEGAL immigrants that are sucking this country dry that I have a problem with. yet, our brain-dead president supports their arrival for some reason. Because of his lack of balls, he claims that they only do jobs that no one else will do and tries to brainwash others into believing it. I’ve been in the construction trade for the last 37 years. For the past 30 of those years, illegal Mexicans have been my biggest competition by far. But certainly, there must be so many participants to fight for this glory.