A few conditions that a successful man should have

1 the courage to take responsibility, whether it is the responsibility of the feelings or the cause of the fault or
2 know how to let a woman touched, here is not to say that buy a lot of things to meet a woman.
A gentleman’s ingenious solution to the problem, so that a woman can rely on that.
3 confident but not arrogant
4 forget their own superior family, not rely on family social status, their own career
Even from the ordinary social role experience. No one can ask for the moon
Experience the hardships of today, such a man more through the test of society.
5 know how to respect others, even bullied can also control their emotions
6 have the initiative to love and be loved
7 men who are honest and self disciplined are more attractive.
8 promised to say the sound is a lie. They are not strict with themselves but they ask others to have the kind of quality to the oneself, will eventually become obsolete

Learn to “emotion and beauty”

Our skin to do hairdressing, beauty ever thought about our emotions have to do about it? if emotions do beauty, how do we do it?. Emotional beauty from four mainaspects to concern yourself, relax, learn to enjoy and know how to express.


Awareness of self is to pay attention to their own emotional and mental state, and definitely knows how to control his emotions, often reflect on whether such as anxiety, depression, and find a way to solve yourself relaxed, don’t put too much pressureon yourself.


There is a relax, relax for those aggressive, always wanted to compete for the first person, is particularly critical, and the effect is quite good. Especially when faced with pressure from superiors, you have to remind yourself that this is only the second typeof management strategy, long term conducive to interpersonal communication, from a short-term perspective can help you keep your job, so your mind is balanced, nor any unpleasant with people.


Life is not all work and study, usually in addition to working hard outside, should also enjoy life in a happy life. Learned to enjoy, you will find true joy in life. Only able to use something easy to make yourself happy, your happiness will last longer.


Meanwhile, we also talk or seek comfort from my relief. Worry can be chatting withfriends, write a journal to vent. If you don’t solve the psychological barrier and, if necessary, to consult a psychologist, to improve their flexibility, enhance their ability to cope with difficulties.


Many times we become emotional stress due to work, here are ten kinds of controlmethods
1. the work should be completed by the company
The work must be completed on the day of the day, even if the finish, try not to takework home from work, can be completed in the Office at the Office.
2, ready for work
Do not think that preparing for the work ahead is not responsible for the work, andenthusiasm for the work. Off towards a list of the best two hours before, and because the list is that I can find out what you must finish the work today, and what can beleft to do it tomorrow. So you not only have plenty of time to complete the task, can reduce the fear of work, at the same time, the efficiency of the work will also improve.
3. place a sorting box
Can purchase a big chest, put it in the House. Walked in the door immediately afterthe Briefcase or bag inside, not to ignore it, until the next day to carry them.
4, write down their own difficulties
Usually regardless of in work in the also is learning Shang, are should habit wrote wrote painting of good habits, if in work among encountered is big of difficult, and home Hou we still cannot relax words, so we can attempts to with took pen and paper, and without hesitation to will by encountered of difficult or not happy wrote down, not need has what account, wrote finished Hou will that Zhang paper tore has throw. When the vent or when anger or, in short, relaxed, happy is a good thing.
5. sit down quietly
3-5 minutes before the meal, going to the gym, sit quietly, close your eyes and takea deep breath, and breathe the fresh air, exhaust, that can make their own mind, body and mind relaxation.
6. listen to happy music
Music is the spice of life well, not only can listen to in your spare time, and can prepare dinner or washing clothes in some of their favorite music. Cheerful music to addsome fun to your life.
7. home clean
Always keep clean, a disorganized home will give you a feeling of control, amplifying the pressures of the day. Because in the chaotic situation of the next more easily upset, take a few minutes to clean up the room before going to bed, every day you can go back to a clean, warm home.
8. the separation of work and family life
Created a sort of ceremony with its boundaries can be a long-term, can also be a timed collection of daily work and family lives separate. This ceremony can be at the table with your child about school events, can also be a drink a large glass of drink, of course, can also be a number of other others · · ·
9. travelling do not forget to enjoy
Driving on the way to work, put a piece of their favourite tracks on the bus readinga favorite novel, or stuffed with headphones listening to their favorite music, as long as you are willing to spend a few minutes to do the things they like, it helps relieve the tension of work for you.
10. domestic arrangements
All of this can’t be done at once, if you want to spend a night in order to put all thechores are done, you must be very tired, so it will require you to arrange time, leavesecond home over the weekend, will be able to make housework a means of relaxation outside work, but also fun.

Men “on the battlefield”, and “in the kitchen”

In the community of the accelerating pace of life, as a man, apart from mybusy work, when necessary, should take some free help your wife with somedelicious food. County case, will not only allow your wife to youdifferently, and you can play a better role in their family role.


We know that, once married, love passion will diminish, so a lot of peopleare saying, marriage is the tomb of love and marriage on you, a city under siege, its is the wife of petty complaints and accusations, and thesweetness of love had been wearing life was gone. In fact, most of these menwere willing to give marriage a failure, they seldom think of for the loveof a woman burned a meal. When men in the kitchen as a woman‘s world, he is destined to lose the sweetness of love.


There was a boy was confused, his father rarely Cook, but Cook will becalled Eggplant Rai. Moreover, the mother always delighted to eat turtle.


Father do this dish is really good. Boys love to eat, but also didn’t wantto learn to do, when his father made the dish he was never close to see whattricks. He was curious, and father, how can there be in the mood to do thischore of RAI. He is a modern boy, think that cooking is not a boy thing, butput Cook in the most horrible thing, even without eating than do. Because ofthis, they accosted him less man, girlfriend has often annoyed with him.


One day, the boy and because cooking problem quarrel with his girlfriend. Ashe sat lazily on the couch watching TV, she winked several times he went tothe kitchen to help her mother, he pretended not to see, but also scoffed at. Finally, the girlfriend and now I can’t feel aggrieved blame him. Whyare you so lazy! man you had to cook it!. Zhang immediately into a rage,stormed back road. You women want to cook it! I’m not going! now or in thefuture, not!.


Was heard in the kitchen is preparing to leave his girlfriend pulled outmother.


The mother took them to sit down, tell tells the story of XING on theeggplant.


More than 20 years ago, his parents married. Mother is a woman catch iscapable of not only doing terrifically well, and housework is no slouch,especially burning cooking. Father was a well-fed young days. We all admiredhis father, said marrying into the mother‘s father’s past to blessing.


One Sunday, the guests came to the House, mother asked his father to help ina flurry, she picks up the dishes and the like. For a long time, but noreading father, father‘s eyes still stared at the book as not to hear. At this time, the oil in the Pan, shout, and mother‘s temper suddenlydropped, knocked over pan, spill burning oil on her feet.


That day, father regrets the intestines are green. Mother days after aninjury, suddenly want to eat fish. At that time, the standard of living isnot high, generally only holidays with fish to eat. In order to treat my mother‘s Burns, home to empty almost all the money, borrowed a friends are.So, after buying the fish twice, father in family economic distress will notbe able to meet the aspirations of the mother.


Times a week, one day at dinner, my father suddenly is pleased to serve adish her mother ate. Mother tasted it, I don’t know what fish, look, foundno fish, but fresh and tasty like a fish. Father proud and with a pleasantsmile asked. Well? this is eggplant!.


Originally, the father in order to meet the desire of mothers ate fish,specifically to find a chef, to bind with others. People are reluctant toteach him, but he was dead to alive mill touched each other, eventually came out to his door. In fact, the hardest is home cooking, depends ontechnology. Father studied for a whole week to accomplish. He‘s like a proudkid doing good things, again ask mother. Feel good?. Also promised some moreto help my mother do some housework, does not sit on the sidelines. mothershed a tear, while eating his father Lai, and my heart is filled with thetaste of happiness.


Finished stories, rubbed his moist eyes, his mother said with a sigh. Eatingfor so many years, but still as delicious as eating for the first time. Thefather heard the door from work, also said in earnest. Cooking for someoneyou love, most of the time is a blessing. Couples should learn tolerance andunderstanding each other.


Finally understand Eggplant the Mystery boy, also see a reasonfor people who love to Cook, in fact, is a kind of happiness.


For marriage, passion has not disappeared, but in a different way, if youcan’t feel it and master it, then the marriage‘s failure was inevitable.


A man who know how to live, not just to work, and to learn to love cookingfor him. When his loved ones to taste his homemade cuisine when Shaw gotkind of quietly in love with passion, Shire is a kind of Eggplant flavour,without words and fragrance without a break.

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Do you hate Foreigners Stealing our Jobs I been displaced

Do you hate Foreigners Stealing our Jobs I been displaced more than once because of it. The last time, I had to train 4 of them to do my job, and then after a month it was determined that those 4 would not be able to do what I had been doing for 3 years. So, they hired 2 more and told me I was responsible to train them, too. So, in my last 2 months of work, I ended up training 6 people who were flown in on HB1 visas to replace myself. It made no sense, it was degrading, and they took my job. It took me over a year to find another job after that. it’s an economic fact that jobs have not been taken by foreigners, rather been created! the foreigners do the jobs we don’t want to do, like packing potatoes, cleaning, care work, and various other menial jobs, which they are most likely overqualified for, but sadly can’t find work suitable for them. this then creates lots of managerial positions for white british, working and middle class people. the only reason you didn’t have work was either because you were too lazy or too picky to find a job or take one; or your simply underqualified! in which case it seems fair that you were fired! just be glad you were fired and not living in a country which recently, and probably currently still does, suffer genocide! I hate no one. As far as our jobs being outsourced and taken by those who are not American or “illegal aliens” I don’t think anyone wants that. Unfortunately this situation has not only remained, but it has progressively grown worse. Those who are not legal that are taking our jobs, this is indeed a tragedy and it is of course illegal. But the problem is, this issue is not being enforced by our federal government. It might be illegal, but so far not enough accountability has been invoked amongst business owners and hiring personnel to do the whistle blowing and alert law enforcement of the issue bellalookjewelry.com. I think once the government starts enforcing its own laws we might actually see a return of American jobs. But until then, you will see more illegals being hired. the fact is that immigration to this country creates jobs for us, rather than taking them away. who wants to work in a factory doing the shitty stuff.? no one relly! it’s the immigrants who take those positions. and by having a greater influx of people to low grade jobs, this increases the number of people needed to manage them. therefore: the larger the amount of foreign people coming into this country the more jobs that will be available for british citizens in higher paygrade positions! now can you argue with being given more jobs with higher pay? obviously not. and lets also look at the history of british emigration. australia, america, a large portion of africa, india! all countries to which english peopl emigrate. all countries that england had no right to invade and assume leadership of, and all these countries ask for is refuge from the corrupt systems that our rapid retreat from their territory has left them with. we left their countries with a buggered infrastructure and complain when it comes to fuck u over! england is far too corrupt and lazy a country to complain about people coming over here and DOING! our jobs! and too many english people sit hat home on the dole and pop babies out like rabits, when they could be working. and before you ask, yes i am British! I have also enountered this problem. I agreed to work night shift to train 4 foreingers, and one to take my position. I found it very hard to accomplish this because of their poor language, and insecurities. They also refused to speak English causing many procedural problems. I had no idea what they we asking or showing each other, which is a safety concern as we dealt with potentially dangerous equipment. As I realized that they would not be capable of meeting expectations,I informed my manager many times and was being blamed for racism. There was no fixing the problem if I didnt know what they were saying. I have applied at the same company, three different locations and was refused. I have mangerial experience, but returned to the location to see that they had hired a foreigner that could barely count money or speak English. Yes. with a freaking passion. I have no problem with legal immigrants. The USA was built with them. It’s the 20+ MILLION ILLEGAL immigrants that are sucking this country dry that I have a problem with. yet, our brain-dead president supports their arrival for some reason. Because of his lack of balls, he claims that they only do jobs that no one else will do and tries to brainwash others into believing it. I’ve been in the construction trade for the last 37 years. For the past 30 of those years, illegal Mexicans have been my biggest competition by far. But certainly, there must be so many participants to fight for this glory.

Adjust, adapt to Community competition

In our lives growing up, accompanied by a wide variety of the mentality ofeach period. These attitudes, not born, only habit. Psychologicaladjustment, social competition, is one of many people with lofty ideals ofconsensus.


Different attitude casts a different life. Pain and joy are not absolute andunchanging, attitude determines results, the right attitude can change theenvironment, changes a person.


In the United States, there is a young woman named Selma, she followed her husband to attend military exercises in desert. Husband didn’t usually ather side, she was the only one left alone in a container like the Tin hut.Due to the hot weather in the desert, the Sun burning every day, only aroundMexico and the Indians, gradually, Selma was tired of living here, and shedid not speak the local language. This made her feel life has no meaning.Her husband a long time to come back, came back and did one day and left in a hurry. In these days of lonely, Selma, restless, she thought of distantparents, picked up his pen to write to parents in an attempt to stay away from this boring place.


However, in the parents ‘ letter, only this line once, two men looked outfrom the window of his cell, one sees the mud, and another man see stars inthe sky.


Why is that? Selma lies all day, worried, thinking back and forth ofmeaning. Read it many times over and over again, it suddenly dawned on her,felt the current life has no meaning, is as a result of his State of mind,in fact she can get comfortable, look for her in the desert. The stars.


Since then, Selma changed the past negative States, actively make friendswith local people, Mexico and Native American languages, Yun to sometimes,and they lived together, in place neighbor, their relationship has become increasingly close. Selma got the locals in return, she loves the localpottery and textiles, local pottery and textiles was sent to her as a gift.


In the absence of the husband‘s day, Selma, no longer rattle the livingcolorful, she saw in the desert ranges do not have a life, and went to studytheir habits of life and growth. Selma is no longer felt alone, she masteredthe Prairie dogs living habits, watching the sunrise and sunset in thedesert, tasteful life.


Gradually, Selma felt more mature, have adapted to local life, no morecramped and uncomfortable. Filled with enthusiasm, Selma, picked up a pen,according to your imagination and wrote of the joy of life of the Castle.Two years later, the Castle successfully published the happy, Thelma alsofound her in the desert stars.


Desert does not change, local residents haven’t changed, because Thelmachanged their mentality, she is an earth-shaking changes, turning negativeinto positive, life is so different. Of course, we not only need to keep apositive attitude, and avoid the negative mentality of the fall, but also todo all rivers run into sea, tolerance is a big fit people do not adapt themselves to changing facts and social trends, such as water, in any case,it can accept the stone and sand.


Work success, historically there have been two opposite case preciselyillustrates this point


United States has a high wire performer called wallenda, on one occasion, heperformed at a major event. Before the game, he kept reminding himself


This is too important to fail, must not fail.


However, he unfortunately crashed and killed during the performance.


Later, his wife said. Gallium wallenda didn’t like this. Before each show,he would concentrate on preparing, always thinking about how to rope, nevercare about other things, not to worry about success or failure. Too muchsuccess this time, instead of paying the price of life.


This incident, and later became a classic case of psychology, called.Wallenda Park. One case was


In 1796, Germany University extension, there is a mathematically gifted 19-year-olds called Gauss. Every day, Gaussian to make teachers threemathematics homework.


On this day, he finished the previous two questions. However, when you dothe third question, he felt was very difficult. The requirements to theproblem is with a compass and a ruler without marks, in the case of no othertool, draw a regular 17-GON. He did what they are learning, thinking, andpractice, but made no headway. So he put aside old ideas, trying to useunconventional methods to unravel the puzzle.


The next day, the Gauss gave the answer to the teacher. Instructor, asked,surprised. Did you make it yourself?


Gao Sitan replied. Yes, I didn’t sleep for one night only.


Mentor exclaimed excitedly. You‘re awesome, you broke a more than 2000 yearsof history of mathematics outstanding!.


It turns out that for many years, Gauss‘s mentor has been trying to solvethis problem, but have been unsuccessful. Behold, he mistook the problem tothe Gauss, he cracked.


Later, Gaussian recalled. If the tutor told me no one can solve thisquestion 2000 years, I fear, there can be no confidence to unlock it.


Experienced success due to a moment. Must not fail. Psychological concernsin such a bad state of mind under the influence, would lead to a realfailure, more serious and therefore paid the price of life. And we were justa student of Gauss, uncertain teacher subject difficulty, to young‘sstubborn and a relaxed attitude will not burden no one can solve the problemsolved.


This is a different state of mind that has a singular force. Mentality is not good, will not be able to compete with others, not to mention thesociety?


Now society is short of a competitive society, do not know how to adjustoften being caught napping, some potential weaknesses of your mind takes youout of the game. Facing competition, you have to calm, not because of speechor action, and change their opinion, to adjust and to maintain an optimalstate.


We can’t make society adapt to us, so we ought to adapt to society in apositive and optimistic attitude. Don’t lose any time, you want to have anormal heart, in the midst of the crowd society, adhere to a world of their own, not assertive, not hesitating, not restless, not worry about, times ofbeach-goers, so you can develop to better compete with others.

Man’s survival rule

As a business professional, you, at sunrise, we get up early and goes to bedwith the Sun, every day working hard, achieved outstanding results in theirwork. These tricks can make you either on the job or in personalrelationships can ease and handy.


1, pay attention to Office etiquette when
You have a big stack of paper copy, and after waiting in your colleagueswhen you also want to make a copy of a file, you should let him. If copyingpaper used up, remember to add; if Case should first find a way to deal withand then leave, don’t understand the repair, please help. After not bad things, just walk away, it will give others a lot of trouble. Conversely, ifyou are willing to help others, then we will make a good impression.


2. something borrowed
If colleagues stop by to buy take-out for you, please pay the required fee,immediately after his return, or return the money to each other. If youhappen to have enough money, remember the next day to pay off, because noone likes to have the gall to recover the money. If you are alwaysforgetting, then nobody will be happy to help you out next time. Similarly,while the company‘s appliances are not private goods, but also remember totake, or they may directly to delay others work. Run out of other people‘sthings, must be intact to others and then put it back.


3. don’t leak
Even colleagues in work performance is not satisfactory, don’t gossip,behind his way right from wrong, that most colleagues distrust. Reason is very simple when one of my colleagues said when someone else is in front ofyou, don’t you doubt him in front of other people talking about you?remember, the wrong guy in the Office, the most vulnerable to the exclusionof others.


Often extremely sick and wrong. You snitch to my boss will only make himfeel that you are insiders, but fails to concentrate on work. Companysecrets to tell you if your boss, remember don’t let half a Word to others.


4. do not spread whisper
Whisper is said behind the others, usually crowded places, there would begossip. Sometimes you may accidentally became let people sometimes you canbecome someone else. The attack of the object. These whispers, likeleadership like who, most eat open, gossip and whom, low noise, these thingsaffect people‘s feelings. Smart people, to know how to say boldly say, notto say absolutely not blather. As we all know, doing my job and things aremost important. Because you don’t know what their colleagues around me arefriends, maybe because you expect them to say rice is, so you lost your job.


5, not taking advantage
No matter how your company easy, nor to reap profits. May no one condemn youbecause you work 15 minutes earlier, however, swept away will only makepeople feel that you do not input, unprofessional, overtime work overtimework colleagues, we feel is the boss in order to express themselves, even ifthat is not the case. Also, don’t abuse your socializing with the convenientfor private use, such as long-distance calls, that taking advantage of theAct, once it is found, will only make the other person feel disgusted.


6. has its own green
Staff of the mind and your own boss. If you usually just what you said andwhat other people say, County you are very likely to be ignored in theOffice and you must not be too high in the Office. Has its own mind,regardless of your position in the company, you should make your own voice,and dare to speak their thoughts. Must be observant around what happened,attention to detail, and learned from the experience. So your words will have arguments, others will be happy to listen to your ideas.


7, not in the Office gossip
We always have such a group of people around, and they like McCain, Frank,like people, like someone pours bitterness. Although this conversation canquickly shorten the distance between people and people, let you quicklybecome friendly, kind, but psychologists study found that in fact only l%people can be kept strictly confidential. So when a personal crisis in yourlife, such as love, marriage and the like, it‘s not just someone to talk toin the Office, so as not to bring topics to people who don’t like you. Whenyou work a crisis, such as the work goes, the boss, co-workers, you shouldnot be in the Office just to talk. Dedicated people will because yourdirect, I grounded using you, to achieve their objectives of the Division.We know that a lot of people do you like you. Frank Your life or have aproblem, try to avoid discussion in the workplace, might as well find a fewintimate friends after work about a place to have a chat.


8. There is no showing off
Even if your professional and technical skills, or are you a hot ticket inthe Office, even the bosses are very appreciated you, but you cannot use theas you show off the capital! conceit makes one lag behind, and modesty makesone progress, this is everyone knows the truth. Has been halved in theworkplace should be careful, because the mountain beyond mountains, andpeople beyond. If the day comes a more capable employee, County, you‘ll soonbecome other people‘s jokes. If one day the boss gives you an extra bonus,you should not be in the Office to show off, because others in thecongratulations, while also probably hating you! humility has always beenthe traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, often humble even vulnerableto others ‘ respect.


9. a compliment
People might be too busy, often too busy to give us a positive response, butplease don’t neglect should compliment in a timely manner. Even a simplethank you can also narrow the distance between each other, and expand yourrelationships. But as mentioned earlier in this book, praise must be true,and false praise will have the opposite effect. As long as you can do withpraise, there may be an immeasurable return.


10. value time
Phenomenon of wasting other people‘s time is the most common, many peoplewant to take work home, because only in this way can work under in theabsence of any prejudice. Many people have a problem, do not think about how to solve, but seek help from colleagues. You know, for the first time, whenmy colleagues will patiently help you solve, but if the second and third arethe same problems, people will think you did have to bother other people‘swork time. Also, do not write long email, title display emergency, and thecontent is simple.

Appropriate bends, can play the higher

People‘s life there are two kinds of situation bad, two is good. In the face of adversity, difficulty and pressure physically and mentally, to know.Session. The word compromise, at least you can save power, waiting for aturn there. In good times, luck and the environment is beneficial to me, youshould learn one. Stretch. Word, by wind, soaring, you can take advantage ofseasonal and scale new heights.


From ancient times to the present, every event will be resilient people.Appropriate bends, you can play more, you coiled like a spring, and if itdoes not bend to get elastic, it will not be put on top of it bouncing up.Reviewing the history, since time immemorial, knew a moderate bent hispatience against the Kingdom of Wu, Han Xin to weight-bearing followers.


When you encounter frustration, ask yourself, is ashamed of failure or adecadent shameful? flexion and extension, can be transformed into each other, no one really fails, there is no ultimate success. All things in theuniverse are constantly changing, and also flexion and extension of savoircontinues to thrive and grow.


Bent, oblivious is not the destination, bent, and means it should be atrick, and extension is the ultimate objective. Now the humiliation forthe future victory, bamboo retreat and patience is not the embodiment of acoward, but strongwilled, ambitious to sunlight reflected. Recoil in order to extend is the truth, the last laugh is the real hero!


Bent to have wise counsel otherwise and blood is no different. Bent, theidea is not dead, don’t only see the negative what are the obstacles andadvantages of each other, to the neglect of egostrength and enhance thefavorable opportunity for!. Flexor not compromise and surrender, not ~touch break, nor in the self give up seeking to attack with the self. Whenthe conditions are ripe to be waiting in the wings, being proactive andfirst win. Flexible, and bowed out, this is true only of style!. Stretch.Also is not a Word, Jane wise decision when you stretch.


In historical records, when chuhanxiangzheng, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu fightthe world, close. But dominated by General Han Xin Liu Bang and Han Xin wasalso crowned monkey. But the title monkey Han Xin had endured years ofsomeone’s crotch.


In his childhood, Han got beg Po feeding, laughed at by others. Later, whenhe was wandering in the street, came across several of the local bullies.They laughed at Han Xin floating food or unreasonably to Hanshin climbtheir crotch, if not go, that he died.


Han Xin thought for a moment, he fell down from their crotch crawled past,then patted the dust left on the clothes. XING bullies laughed, that Han Xinis a timid one, then wouldn’t make a difference.


Who knows why this issue stimulated the Han Xin‘s work, so as to learn theart, his military prowess can be compared, was under Xiao he met Liu Bangsoon made general, achievements of his career.


It is conceivable that if Flay had Han Xin, Deng and would rather break than bend some bullies tried, perhaps he would not have moved as, history will berewritten, it does not appear the all-powerful generals. The boughs, soft,kuaxiazhiru makes absolutely unbearable, it is scandalous, but Han Xincrawled over and climb over and slapping the dust away, it reflected howmind and spirit.


The day will be a great man, we must first frustrates. History hasentrusted you with important tasks, first of all you have to do preparationof suffering and shame, the County is not only a test of your destiny, orfor your own validation. Two pairs of shame, calmly thinking to all lifecatastrophe that may occur, ask yourself if you never fully recover will never again? if it encounters such a situation, to leap, never emotional.So, when people in the face of the distress and humiliation, assuming thattheir strength is not enough to compete with other side, Deng, the mostcritical is the need to conserve, rather than take their own destiny atstake, Panfree battle. Aggressiveness is a rash act, by no means people canaccomplish great things as well.


Everyone should know well. Flexion. It‘s just temporary, temporary bite isfor the long-term career and ideals. Cannot endure the flexion moment, donot let ambition to realize and make use of bends is stretch stages ofpreparation, savings, as players jump, leg curl is to accumulate groupstrength, all his strength to force points, then get up and jump, stretchout in the air to achieve the goal.

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Authentic Hermes Birkin Handbags

What makes a Hermes Birkin handbag so coveted in the high fashion world? With pricing ranging from $6,000 dollar range and even as high as the $100,000 range, what makes this handbag worth it? What allows people wait over six years to get a this type of handbag?You will search for the answers to all these questions. They do not take assembly lines. Only one craftsman may work on one handbag at a time which involves hand-stitching each individual piece. Pricing for these bags is very high because of the labor-intensive nature of manufacturing these handbags and replica cartier love rings,replica cartier bracelets. Leathers are professionally treated (dyed in every color, pattern, and texture imaginable) and handcrafted into stylish accessories in the end.

The “Birkin” bag is a handbag manufactured by leather goods and ready-to-wear manufacturer Hermès. It is named after British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin, a longtime resident of France.

Work means survival

Every day, we are doing a repeat of the work, you are tired of it? If you lose the interest to work, you can complete each a work?? of course, day after day doing the same things really boring, but all the things not after the initial stage of accumulation wouldn’t have later from quantitative change to qualitative change of sublimation. You can not go to work, but you need to realize that if you don’t go to work, how to live your life.
Perhaps, sometimes, some people will say that they do not have to work, can be a lifetime of carefree. It is also a state of existence, but it is not a man who lives by the supply of their parents and their elders. You have gone to the society, you should learn to live independently. At any time, there is no work is not good, even if you do not like the work, should not be so tired.
There is such a craftsman, his life in order to go around the family life, he always thought about the carefree days, but in the face of the situation that there will be no food to eat, he only to work compromise. Later he was dying, will no longer break down from constant overwork, he thought after death.
Later the man in the middle is prematurely left the earth, he on Yama temple on the way to, see a magnificent palace, the owner of the palace asked him to leave live. Said the craftsman. I in the world suffered suffering labor, hard busy half my life did not have a carefree life, now I have been away from the abyss of misery, just want to eat eat, sleep the day, you stay here I living, you can satisfy my desire?.
“Of course I can meet your requirements,. The master replied,. Here I originally where you yearn for Xing like life, it can be said, the world no longer than here is more suitable for T. you live here I delicacies whatever you eat, and here I have a very comfortable bed, how do you want to sleep can how to sleep, there will be no one to bother you.
The craftsman accepted the invitation of the palace master. For a while, he ate, slept, ate and lived the life he wanted. He felt very happy. Gradually, he felt a little bored with this day. Then, he found the master of the palace, complained that. Every day I eat or sleep, I feel a bit boring, losing the vitality of the past. Now I have no interest in this kind of life. I want to work, can you help me find a job for me?.
“I’m sorry, the owner of the Palace said,. I’ve never been here before, so I can’t help you.
And after a while, the craftsman could not help but he ran to see the master of the palace. I really can’t stand this day, if you don’t give me a job, I would rather go to hell, and I don’t want to be here.
At this moment the master of the house of the Lord, to the craftsman, said to the craftsman. This is hell! Don’t you regard it as heaven?.
Life, there are a lot of people do not like hard work, in fact, sometimes work is also a kind of enjoyment. Maybe you will think there is no need to work like an earthly paradise, you can enjoy, actually otherwise, when you busy become have nothing to do all day, you will feel, the original a don’t work, unable to realize personal value like hell intolerable.
Idle days can kill a person’s ambition, destroy one’s ambition, the consumption of a person’s life. Now, you do not work, you may be faced with the threat of survival, as a big man, how can we rely on the supply of their parents all day, you have to learn to survive, and hard work can help you achieve everything you want.
It is not the time for us to enjoy the comfort of our work. After all, we are still young and have a lot of things to do. But to those people, I believe that before long, you will be tired of this life.